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EALABA National Drawn Pairs Championship 2019

As usual we were greeted and welcomed to this event by Ross Otton, Mac Otton and the lovely Amy, Ross’s Granddaughter who played a huge part in making things run smoothly.

Also, thanks to Dylan Morton who made preparation and arrangements for the draw to be made.  Unfortunately Dylan had to pull out of the event at the last minute so we were one player short.  So a huge thanks to Tina Fisher who stepped in and played instead.  Tina had an excellent day and time playing.

The draw was made at 9 o’clock, there were two round robin teams a red and green, the winners  of each group played the final and the runners up in each group played for a third and fourth place play-off.  The pairs were as follows:-

Steve Ireland & Harry Atkin

Bob Love & Ray Smith 

Neil Smith & Mark Cooper 

Joe Peplow & Pip Smith 

David Fisher & Alex Comack 

Lee Whiteley & Tina Fisher

Craig Bowler & John Rogers 

Gary Swift & David Stearn

Khalila Hussain & Steve Smith

There were good times, lots of laughs, plenty of banter plus many boom booms, everybody seemed to enjoy themselves.  We had a lovely lunch, lots of good bowling and Amy kept us all in order with her whistle.  We had a spider to raise some money.

Mark Cooper made the third and 4th place play-off on count back, Mark was highly delighted as normally on the last three occasions he lost out on count back so, he literally jumped for joy.

The third and fourth place play-off’s were between Neil Smith & Mark Cooper against Joe Peplow & Pip Smith.

The  final was between Bob Love & Ray Smith against Steve Ireland & Harry Atkin.  Harry was very excited to be in the final and it was a lovely thing to see and watch.

Match results

Fourth-place was Joe Peplow & Pip smith 

Third place Neil Smith & Mark Cooper

Second place was Bob Love & Ray Smith

Winners were Steve Ireland & Harry Atkin

We would like to thank Tamworth Bowls Club for allowing us to host this event and the catering staff for an excellent meal.

But most importantly to Ross Otton for all the hard work and relentless hours needed to run these events as I’m sure people would appreciate that events like these could not run without willingness and dedication.

Match reporter

Steve Ireland 









EALABA National Indoor Singles 21st-22nd September 2019

There was an excellent turn out for this years national singles with 14 bowlers.  The competition was run on a round robin basis with 2 groups of 7 bowlers, after all the group games where played it was the top 2 and highest runners up that went though to the play off.  The top 2 from each group were Dylan Morton and Gary Swift playing off for 1st & 2nd and Lee Whitely playing Ray Smith for 3rd & 4th.


The standard of bowling in the finals was excellent and after some close games the final results were

Dylan Morton 16-8 Gary Swift and Lee Whitely 14-13 Ray Smith.


The final results were:

National singles champion Dylan Morton

Runner up Gary Swift

3rd. Lee Whitely

4th. Ray Smith


Dylan as had an excellent year for EALABA winning both the Outdoor Singles Indoor Singles and EALABA National Drawn Pairs Champion with Mark Cooper.


Everyone agreed that the competition was outstanding and the organisation was spot on once again thanks go to Ros & Dylan and the new official time keeper and chief whistle bowler Ami Otton.


Thanks go to Tamworth IBC to the helpers, markers, buggy pushers and the catering staff for an excellent meal.


Well done to everyone involved.  Reporter Ros Otton









EALABA Outdoor Singles Championship - 2019

It’s with great pleasure to report the revival of the EALABA outdoor singles which was played at Leamington Spa, Ross Orton worked very hard to make this happen and to host this venue at Leamington Spa.


This event was heavily contested by the following bowlers Daniel Adams, Harry Atkins, Mark Cooper, Craig Bowler, Lee Whiteley, Dylan Morton, Colin Wagstaff, Steve Smith, Bob Love, David Stearn, Mac Otton, Khalilia Hussian, Ray Smith, Gary Swift, Colin Milner & Steve Ireland.  Some great bowlers and fantastic bowling it was lovely to see the high level of support with spectators in every corner of the green.


A new name went on the trophy this year, which is always nice to see.  The final heavily contested Steve Ireland unbeaten in the round Robins eventually lost out to Dylan Morton who stood tall and dug deep to win on the last end, well done to Dylan.


It was lovely to see the camaraderie, happy smiley faces we are one big happy family.


Ross Orton even made sure that we were going to enjoy ourselves on the Saturday evening by booking a meal for everybody oh and what laughs we had.


Ross has indicated that we are hopeful to repeat this event at Leamington spa 2020.


It is also lovely to see new faces playing for EALABA, everything is looking much healthier for this organisation and thanks to Andy Thompson for taking time as our patron to interact on the day.


I think I speak for everybody in thanking Ross for all her hard work and efforts to have made this event possible as there is a lot of hard work that goes on in the background also thanks to Dylan Morton match secretary, Bob love and Gary Swift


Reporter:  Steve Ireland









EALABA vs Tamworth Indoor Bowls Club April 2019

Five new members joined EALABA and helped our group to an excellent victory over a strong Tamworth side.  Two players from Tamworth were co-opted to EALABA due to late withdrawals due to illness.


The spirit amongst players was fantastic over each of the six rinks of triples as they battled battled over 18 ends.  Tamworth won one of the six rinks, final rink results as follows:-

Rink 1 - Ray Smith, Pip Smith & Bob Love 39 -3

Rink 2 - John Rogers, David Fisher & John Greaves 27-12

Rink 3 - Khailia Hussian, Colin Wagstaff &  Dylan Morton 31-12

Rink 4 - Harry Atkin, Sandra Palmer & Steve Ireland 15-16

Rink 5 - Diane Rogers, Colin Milner & Gary Swift 19-6

Rink 6 - Neil Smith, Alan Palmer & Mac Otton 17-12

Final match score 148 - 61










DBE National Classified Singles Championship 2019

Fourteen EALABA members competed at the 2019 Disability Bowls England, National Classified Singles Championships at Gedling IBC.  Craig Bowler, Alex Comack, Mark Cooper, Alastair Domville, Dave Fisher, Steve Ireland, Bob Love, Colin Milner, Dylan Morton, Joe Peplow, John Rogers, Ray Smith, Steven Smith & Gary Swift


Bowlers were competing in the Classification Groups – B6, B7 & B8.  Competition was fierce in all classifications and with some of our members meeting head.  The biggest head to head came in B6’s with Joe Peplow overcoming 3 members and then gaining the bragging rights by winning the B6 Classified Singles.


EALABA bowlers were represented in each of the two B7 groups and two of them won their groups before they went head to head in the final.  Steve Ireland and Bob Love set a very high standard with Bob coming out on top as B7 Classified Singles Champion.


Dylan Morton dominated group one of the B8’s, beating both Mike Robertson and Gary Swift.  He then met Kieran Rollings, who was undefeated in B8 group one.  This final was another titanic battle, Dylan had control in the early stages before Kieran pegged him back before closing out the match by 3 shots.  Excellent performance by Dylan.


Full match report:  DBE National Classified Singles              Gallery:  Photo's



DBE National Indoor Pairs Championship 2019

17 EALABA members took part in this years DBE National Indoor Pairs Championship - Colin Milner, Craig Bowler, Helen Wood, Ray Smith, Steve Smith, Bob Love, Mac Otton, Gary Swift, John Rogers, Dylan Morton, Mark Cooper, Alex Comack, Joe Peplow, Harry Atkin, Khalila Hussain,  Alastair Domville & Dave Fisher, a fantastic turned out.


Everyone had a minimum of two games with EALABA’s strength shining through as Craig & Joe muscled Alastair & Steve in the Plate semi-final.  Then they battled against Bob Love partnered by Keiran Rollings who eventually took the Plate 14-7.


John & Dylan conceded to Gary & Mac in a tight game.  The victors were narrowly beaten by Dave Fisher partnered by Jonathan Stokes 11-9 in the first semi final.  Helen & Steve Angus lost out, by the same score to Colin and Sally-Anne Lewis.


Dave and Jonathan lead 10-4, with only two ends to go, then Colin and Sally fought back to create a fantastic ending to this years Championship.  Dave & Jonathan retained their title 10-9.


Well done to all EALABA members showing the strength in depth that we have.  


Full report.  DBE National Indoor Pairs


Gallery:  Photo's

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